Are you looking to grow and expand your brand? If so you’re in luck as I have compiled 3 tips to help you do just that. There is so much competition within just about every industry/niche that is imperative that your brand stands out from the rest.

If you don’t set time aside to focus on growing and expanding your business, it won’t happen I promise.

In order for your business to grow and expand three things must happen:

  1. You must acquire new customers. The more people you service, the more money you make.
  1. Increasing your prices. Will allow you to make more money from each transaction.
  2. Increasing your conversions. Increasing the number of potential customers, you meet and/or getting your current customers to buy more often.

Let’s dive in…

#1 Expert Status… Are you up for the challenge?
Listen building a brand isn’t for the faint at heart and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes blood, sweat, tears and years to build something truly amazing. One must become an expert at their craft and have a point of view to create a brand that stands out and is one of a kind. So with that said the first is to become an expert… yes an expert! A life-long learner of your industry, of course; but it is critical that you develop a routine where you are constantly reading, learning and implementing new strategy and processes that will allow you to create a brand you absolutely love, while serving your ideal clients.

Bonus Tip: Serving the right clients and delivering on your brand promises are the basics. When your clients start to achieve success based on what you’ve done for them tell the world each and every time. Doing so will allow you to become synonymous with your subject matter, product, service and expertise! When people think of your subject matter, service, or product they should think of you! Plain and simple. If they don’t then you have work to do…

 Share what you know. Watch your business grow.
One way to grow and expand your #Brand is to flex your inner #BrandSlayer by sharing what you know and what you have learned… sharing is caring, right?! Here are 5 reasons why sharing what you know will help you expand and grow your business.

1. Sharing helps you deepen your knowledge on the topic.

2. It invites a new conversation, it expands what you know, and allows you to also learn something new in the process.

3. If you want to be known as a leader or authority in your field/niche/industry show up and show out. Instead of telling people you’re an expert, show them, give them a taste of who you are, and what you know in a way that helps raise their level of thinking and expertise as well.

4. Sharing helps you increase your professional value. Sharing your wisdom with the people around you, with clients, fans or followers is not about bragging or making others feel small because they don’t know something. It’s more about being of service. You have to understand that it’s about them, not you.

5. Last but not least, take the lead. You don’t need permission, so stop waiting on someone to give you the green light.

Bonus Tip: Go LIVE! Yes you heard me, just do it. Your business, brand and bottom line will depend on how visible you are in 2018. Consumers love to connect and creating video content only increased your know, like, and trust factor , FASTER! Video content is taking over don’t get left behind because don’t want to get behind the camera. If your scared, overcome it and move on. If going live isn’t your thing then record and share scripted video. Just do it, by any means necessary. The more you do it, the better you will become. You know what they say, practice makes perfect!

Don’t be a #COPYCAT
Too often we see other people in business killing it! They are where we hope to be… they have the client’s fans, followers, AND the money… the whole 9, right? Or so you may think. You start to wonder “Why am I not where they are? You have the same skill set, expertise and business acumen so what’s the problem? One of the main reasons stopping YOU from playing bigger is your mindset. Your scared of failing or of what other people may say. So instead of taking a risk and doing your business your way you want to, you begin to try and mimic and implement what they are doing only to find that, that isn’t working for you.. the sales funnel, the email list, the webinars, the e-books etc… you’re not getting the same results… why is that? Because just maybe your ideal clients don’t respond to those things in that way… Take yourself out of the box… you don’t need permission from anyone to do you!

Start implementing and capitalizing on your own ideas and strategies. To implement strategies someone else is using and not knowing the story or strategy behind why they are doing what they are doing and why they are doing it that way is a set up for disaster. Don’t mimic what they are doing because THEY were successful at doing it that way. THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO SKIN A CAT! If you want to have a stand out brand be courageous enough to be original. Create something new that no one else is doing STOP copying out dated business strategies that might not even work for you or your business… get innovative and be a trendsetter! 

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