CSJ Acupuncture

Hi my name is Carlo and I graduated with a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Southern California University of Health Sciences in 2009 and became licensed in California in 2011.

Prior to completing my studies in Chinese Medicine I had completed my Bachelors of Science in Business Management from Cal Poly Pomona and afterwards decided to pursue deeper into the health sciences.

I have over twelve years of experience in health and general wellness, in addition I have been studying the martial arts for 10 years, primarily in the styles of Eagle Claw Kung Fu, Long Fist Wushu, Yang and Hao style Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, No-gi Jujitsu and submission grappling.

Business Details:

Location: 1017 S. Fremont Ave. | Ste A
South Pasadena, Ca 91030

Website: www.csjacupuncture.com

Call 626-441-4888 or 818-848-2225
to schedule an appointment.

Acupuncture | Acupressure| Cupping | Biofeedback | Herbal Therapy

Qi Gong & Energy Healing

I have seen the benefits of both eastern and bio-medicine and try to incorporate every tool at my disposal to help patients find answers to their health concerns.

I know what it is like to be stressed out, to work hard to survive, and to try to make it through the day with piece of mind. It is not easy sometimes to rid ourselves of ailments that may drag us down, but step by step and day by day you can move towards the healing process.

My approach is simple. I teach people natural and holistic ways to stay healthy, mentally and physically. The healing process can begin today.

Allergies – Asthma – Auto-immune – Arthritis/Joint problems – Back pain – Blood sugar management – Colds/influenza – Cough/bronchitis – Dizziness – Low Energy – Fatigue –  Gastrointestinal disorders – Golfer’s elbow – Headache/migraine – Neuromusculoskelatal disorders – Pain management – PTSD – Sinusitis – Skin problems – Stress/tension – Stroke rehabilitation – Tendinitis – Weight loss and management

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